Pott'd Super Clay - Extra Pack of Air Dry Clay

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Get extra creative with a fresh bag of Super Clay, the UK's favourite air-dry clay. One bag contains enough clay to make up to 10 creations!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Super Clay is our very own special proprietary air dry clay. The one we spent two years developing to make sure it's the very best you can get into your creative hands.

Designed to make it easy to craft incredible pottery creations from the comfort of your home. No need to visit a studio, invest in a wheel or find a kiln, Super Clay dries naturally in just 24-48 hours.

Strong and stable even when thin, you can craft just about anything you can imagine from Super Clay: pots, bowls, vases, trays, pen holders, photo stands, candle holders, full-sized sculptures of your favourite family members...

Your Super Clay creations will dry naturally in 1-2 days depending on their size. Smaller creations can dry very quickly, larger ones will need a good couple of days. Patience, grasshopper!

Super Clay dries to an aesthetic light stone grey colour, meaning your creations look just good even left unpainted.

No. Super Clay does not need to be fired in the oven. In fact using intense heat can cause your clay creation to crack and break :( The good news is they will air dry naturally in 1-2 days.

We designed Super Clay to be as uncrackable as humanly possible. That’s what makes it Super. Follow our simple steps to get crack-free creations, every time.

Air dry clay remains porous so please do not eat or drink from your creations. And we probably shouldn't have to say this, but don't actually eat or drink your creations either.

Working with clay can get a little messy at times (that’s part of the fun), but Super Clay is incredibly easy to remove. Cleaning up after a clay session takes seconds with just a damp cloth.

Pott'd Super Clay - Extra Pack of Air Dry Clay

Customer Reviews

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Chiara Lowes
Amazing product

Super positiv, it’s an amazing product to share with friends.

Giuseppe Castiglione
Perfect for a present!

My girlfriend loves work with clay and this was the perfect Christmas gift for her!
Given that we were into the Christmas period, the parcel arrived in time and the product was fancy and well packaged.
Thank you!

ian purchase
Super clay

First class in all ways from order to delivery. It was a gift to my daughter she loved it.

Loreen Zittar

:) thanks a lot

Pott'd Customer
Trop bien

Au top

Super Clay is perfect for:

Solo creative time

Solo creative time

Need a new hobby? We've got one right here. Keep your hands busy but relax your mind – the time will fly by.

Date night

Date night

Bored of samey date ideas? An evening with Pott'd is the perfect way to create unique memories together. Pottery and romance go hand in hand – we saw it in a film once.



Looking for a special gift that ticks all the right boxes? Creative, fun and great for the mind, a Pott’d kit is the perfect gift idea for a friend or family member.

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