Delivery & returns

When is my box coming?addremove

What if I don't really like it?addremove

Please tell me delivery is free?addremove

Products & kits

What's in the pottery kit?addremove

Do I need a kiln?addremove

What can I make with my kit?addremove

How long will my clay be happy sat on a shelf?addremove

Can I relax while doing this?addremove

Is the kit suitable for kids?addremove

How many people can use the kit? Is it enough for two?addremove

Can I eat and drink from my creations?addremove

How messy is it?addremove

Is Pott’d vegan?addremove

Orders & payment

How do I pay you?addremove

Uh oh. Why was my credit or debit card refused?addremove

Do I get an order confirmation? I love order confirmations.addremove