9 Projects You Can Make With The Pott'd Home Pottery Kit 🧑‍🎨

Are you looking for a new hobby, a creative outlet, or simply want to get your hands dirty? Look no further than the wonderful world of pottery making! With the Pott'd kit, you're able to start creating the cutest projects from the comfort of your home. All of these projects are beginner friendly so yes, you can do this too!

Collage of novelty candles: croissant, shell, house, and fruit-shaped candles on various surfaces.

1. Candle holders, in all types of shapes and sizes! 

No matter your favorite food, snack or shape, the Pott'd Kit lets you turn everything into a candle holder. Finish it by painting it in your favorite colors and light up those cosy candles!

Collage of four images showcasing handmade, fruit and plant-themed jewelry dishes in various shapes and colors.

2. Trinket trays 💎

Unleash your creativity and make a tray for your favorite jewelry pieces! The possibilities are endless..

Collage of four quirky vases with flowers, including a tulip, a rose, and dried blooms.

3. Dried flowers vases 💐

Add some bright colors to your dried flowers bouquet with your own vase! Are you sticking to classic vase shapes or do you prefer the lemonade box?

Photo frames shaped like a checkered purse and a red mushroom displaying pictures of smiling people.

4. Photo holders 📸

Keep your favorite memories alive and make your own photo holder. Name a better way to cherish your favorite moments!

Two images: Left - red sandals with candy decorations. Right - pink heart-shaped object with decorative elements.

5. Games (TicTacToe, anyone?) 🎮

Playing games is fun. But there is a way to make it even more fun. How, you ask? By creating your own board!

Hand inserting a banknote into a 'SAVING FOR SUMMER' cloud-shaped piggy bank.

6. Piggy bank (saving for Summer '24?) 💰

Let's be honest.. spending money is way more fun than saving it. With that being said, making your own cute piggy bank with a saving goal does make saving more interesting..

Kitchen utensils in a teal holder with a raindrop pattern on a wooden countertop.

7. Kitchenware vase 🧑‍🍳

We're no Gordon Ramsay and we know cooking can become quite messy. Keep your kitchenware organized in your own vase!

Handcrafted pottery on a table, including colorful coasters and a mug, with a box labeled 'Home Pottery Kit'.

8. Coasters 🫖

Your favorite drink will taste even better when picking it up from your own coaster. And it'll keep your table free from those annoying rings, too..

Hand holding a colorful square clock with flowers in the background.

9. Clock ⏰

Yes, you can actually make a fully functional clock with our pottery kit. There's no more excuse to be late.. 👀

Inspired? Get creative at home with Pott'd now!

Join the trend and start making your own cute clay creations!

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