Pott'd Super Clay - Extra Pack of Air Dry Clay

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Get extra creative with a fresh bag of Super Clay, the UK's favourite air-dry clay. One bag contains enough clay to make up to 10 creations!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Super Clay is our very own special propietary air dry clay. The one we spent two years developing to make sure it's the very best you can get into your creative hands.

Designed to make it easy to craft incredible pottery creations from the comfort of your home. No need to visit a studio, invest in a wheel or find a kiln, Super Clay dries naturally in just 24-48 hours.

Strong and stable even when thin, you can craft just about anything you can imagine from Super Clay: pots, bowls, vases, trays, pen holders, photo stands, candle holders, full-sized sculptures of your favourite family members...

Your Super Clay creations will dry naturally in 1-2 days depending on their size. Smaller creations can dry very quickly, larger ones will need a good couple of days. Patience, grasshopper!

Super Clay dries to an aesthetic
light stone grey colour, meaning your creations look just good even left unpainted.

No. Super Clay does not need to be fired in the oven. In fact using intense heat can cause your clay creation to crack and break :( The good news is they will air dry naturally in 1-2 days.

We designed Super Clay to be as uncrackable as humanly possible. That’s what makes it Super. Follow our simple steps to get crack-free creations, every time.

Air dry clay remains porous so please do not eat or drink from your creations. And we probably shouldn't have to say this, but don't actually eat or drink your creations either.

Working with clay can get a little messy at times (that’s part of the fun), but Super Clay is incredibly easy to remove. Cleaning up after a clay session takes seconds with just a damp cloth.

Pott'd Super Clay - Extra Pack of Air Dry Clay

Rating: 4.676470588 out of 5.0 (34)
Pott'd Super Clay - Extra Pack of Air Dry Clay

Super Clay is perfect for:

Solo creative time

Solo creative time

Need a new hobby? We've got one right here. Keep your hands busy but relax your mind – the time will fly by.

Date night

Date night

Bored of samey date ideas? An evening with Pott'd is the perfect way to create unique memories together. Pottery and romance go hand in hand – we saw it in a film once.



Looking for a special gift that ticks all the right boxes? Creative, fun and great for the mind, a Pott’d kit is the perfect gift idea for a friend or family member.

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Pott'd C.

Good quality air-dry clay, that will yield good results even for beginners.

You will get a 1kg resealable plastic bag full of clay here for a reasonable price. One kilogramme will last you a while if you're making smaller projects and is ideal if you're just giving this a go or want a decent amount for a project with the kids.The clay is good quality. It's smooth and easily formed. It takes water well (to keep it malleable as it dries out, or to join pieces with scoring and a slip).I've found drying it out is simple enough. Just leave it alone at room temperature and it'll be fine. You don't need to go at it with a hairdryer or leave it out in the sun! Drying time depends entirely on the size and thickness of your work, but it will most likely be three days to a week.Once dried it can be painted with regular acrylics and the like and the surface can be sanded or etched like regular clay. Give it a go, it makes for a great rainy afternoon and there are lots of inspirational ideas on the t'interwebs!


Colores muy bonitos.

Buenos colores que se adhieren muy bien a la arcilla, son muy bonitos y con poco pintas mucho.


Suaves y gustosas

Colores super suaves, delicados y maravillosos. Buscaba este tipo de tono, mas suave y polvoriento, no se como explicarlo, super suave. Me gusta!

eva j.


Le produit est conforme a la description, bien suivre les instructions sur le produit pour faciliter l'utilisation et respecter les conditions de sechage pour un rendu parfait. Je recommande le produit, notamment pour des ateliers en famille, tres p�dagogique.


Tres belle peinture

Les tubes sont petits mais contiennent beaucoup de peinture, de quoi decorer de belles pieces en ceramique. Je recommande ce produit et les couleurs sont tres jolies et vibrantes.


Simple, relaxing

A relatively large bag of air dry clay. I would consider this suitable for either very beginners if you're just starting out and unsure if you want to continue with air dry, or you already know you like air dry clay and have some tools etc already.The bag comes with some basic instructions, but a little bit more info would be appreciated on the packet. Can I paint it without exposing it to too much water? Does it need to be sealed to be used as a plant pot? Information I needed to look up elsewhere.I like it though, it's a pretty relaxing way to spend an afternoon.Don't be tempted to put the clay somewhere overly warm when it's drying. Trust the process and let it take its time.

A. White


Les couleurs pastels du kit sont magnifiques je recommande

Pott'd C.

Air dry clay

Good quality air dry clay. You get 1kg bag of clay to be creative and create what ever you want. It is a good starting point if you are interested in doing pottery. The clay takes about 2 days to fully dry depending on how warm the environment is. It may seem a bit expensive but its around the same price as other clays like polymer clay.

Francesca B.
United Kingdom

Pretty good air dry clay

The clay is pretty good with regard to being able to sculpt easily and the drying time (approximately 3 days). If you're not going to use all the clay in one sitting, then it's important to only take out how much you are going to use and try not to expose the rest of the clay to air for very long.

S. K.
United Kingdom

A good amount of clay provided to get the creative juices flowing

This is the extra pack of air-dry clay, and so in my eyes, there really isn't much to say about it. It's the extra pack for beginners, so all that comes in it is 1kg worth of clay where a little of it can go a long way, and with some water to help keep the clay smooth, it's easy to manipulate this clay into different shapes of my choosing. On the back of the packaging are instructions and precautions that're easy enough to understand and follow about how to use and handle the clay, and it's safe to say that I'm so impressed with how well it was to use this clay that I'll definitely be looking to get more from this company in the future. I do wish there was more information provided though about how long it takes for this clay to air dry, and just other information in general about what to do next once you've used this product: when can we paint it, CAN we paint it, can it be reshaped again once it's fully dried? Just little information like that. But that's it. Otherwise this product is amazing, and I would recommend it.

United Kingdom

Nice clay

The clay is a great consistency. Feels a bit firm and rough at first but with some kneeding it is very maliable and smooth. Great for statues/figurines or even pots. Might take a bit of practice to achieve what you want as the texture is a little different to other clays. I think it's more appropriate for thicker projects as if you roll it on the thinner side it can easily crack. It's an okay price but would have liked a little more with it.

Mrs C.
United Kingdom