23 DIY Autumn Decor Ideas - Air-Dry Clay Edition

Jul 11, 2024

As the vibrant hues of summer give way to the warm, earthy tones of autumn, it’s the perfect time to refresh your home decor. Check out this list of the best DIY autumn decor ideas you can easily make with air-dry clay. Whether you're a seasoned crafter or a beginner, these projects will add a touch of handmade charm to your home. 

Before you start

It’s important to have all of the necessary tools and equipment before you embark on any arts and crafts projects, and it’s no exception for pottery. Here are some of our recommendations on what to have before you get started with air-dry clay.

Quality air-dry clay

Quality air-dry clay is crucial for a successful clay project. Go for an eco-friendly clay that doesn’t crack, and ensure you get enough clay for your work. Prevent the frustration of running out of material mid-project, and thank us later!

Moulding tools

A key ingredient to a smooth pottery piece is having good moulding tools. Brushes, wooden sticks, and water should serve you just fine. You can get these at any store. 

Acrylic paint

After you’ve moulded your artwork and it has dried, it’s time to add colors. Acrylic paints are the best in this scenario, and you need to keep in mind the following:

  • Have a base coat: For your clay to display the correct colors, it’s necessary to apply a neutral base coat first before the actual paint.
  • Use paint pens: For small projects, it could be better to use paint pens for more precision. 


To achieve that shiny look, you will need a layer of varnish on the painted surface. 

For beginners: Instructions

If you’re just starting out with pottery, it helps to have guidance to create your first project. For example, Pott’d kits come with instructions for beginners, but you can also take a look at countless online tutorials. 

1 -  Halloween ghosts

Transform your living room with adorable air-dry clay Halloween ghosts. These small, hand-crafted friends add a festive touch to your coffee table or mantelpiece. You can paint then in traditional fall colors like orange, gold, and deep red.

2 - Leaf trays

Celebrate the beauty of fall foliage by creating leaf-shaped trinket dishes. You can easily make these trays with air-dry clay, which doesn’t require heat to take shape. Roll out your clay and use a real leaf as a template to cut out the shape. Once dry, paint the veins with gold acrylic paint for an elegant touch. These trays are perfect for holding jewelry, keys, or other small items.

3 - Handcrafted candle holders

Nothing sets the mood like candlelight. Craft your own air-dry clay candle holders in various shapes and sizes. Whether you prefer simple, smooth designs or intricate patterns, these candle holders will enhance your fall decor. Add essential oils to the clay before it dries for a subtle, lasting fragrance.

In image: “Pasty Pair” candleholder

4 - Personalized plant pots

Enhance your indoor greenery with custom air-dry clay planters. Mold the clay into the desired shape and size, and use stamps or carving tools to add personal touches. These planters are great for small plants or air plants, bringing a bit of nature indoors.

5 - DIY clay bowls

Clay bowls are both functional and decorative. Create bowls of different sizes to hold fresh flowers, candy, or decorative objects. Paint them in fall colors to match the season’s theme. These bowls can be used on your coffee table, dining table, or as part of your entryway decor.

6 - Christmas ornaments

Get a head start on Christmas decorations by crafting clay ornaments. Shape the clay into stars, hearts, or other festive designs and paint them in your desired colors. These ornaments can be hung on your Christmas tree or used as gift tags.

7 - Custom clay coasters

Protect your furniture in style with handmade clay coasters. Cut the air-dry clay into circular shapes and decorate with paint or stamps. These coasters are not only practical but also add a unique touch to your home decor.

8 - Air-dry clay vases

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Craft elegant vases from air-dry clay to display your favorite flowers or succulent. Shape the clay into tall, slender vases or short, wide ones, depending on your preference. These vases can be painted or left in their natural state for a rustic look.

9 - Fun rings

Create fun and stylish rings with air-dry clay. Mold the clay into thin bands and add small decorative elements like flowers or leaves. These rings are a great project for kids and adults alike and make lovely personalized gifts.

10 - Paint-a-mug

Sip a glass of tea or hot cocoa from your very own handmade mug. It’s simpler to create a mug than you think. And the best part is: You can decorate however you like! Mugs are one of the quintessential fall decor that your house deserves. 

In image: “Paint-a-mug” kit

11 - DIY wind chimes

Craft beautiful wind chimes with air-dry clay. Shape the clay into various designs, such as leaves or stars, and hang them from a piece of driftwood or a metal ring. Hang your wind chimes outside or near a window to enjoy their gentle sound.

12 - Decorative clay plates

Create decorative plates to display on your walls or use as serving dishes. Shape the clay into plates and add texture with stamps or carving tools. These plates can be painted to match your home decor or left plain for a minimalist look.

13 - Custom keychains

Make unique keychains with air-dry clay. Shape the clay into small designs, such as initials, hearts, or animals, and attach a keyring. These keychains are a fun project and make great gifts.

14 - Handmade picture frames

Decorate your home with custom picture frames made from air-dry clay. Shape the clay into frames and add decorative elements, such as flowers or geometric patterns. These frames are perfect for displaying your favorite fall photos.

15 - Personalized nameplates

Create personalized nameplates for your doors or desks. Shape the clay into a rectangular or oval shape, and use stamps or carving tools to add names or messages. Paint the nameplates to match your decor.

16 - Air-dry clay jewelry dishes

Craft small dishes to hold your jewelry. Shape the clay into shallow bowls and add texture or designs with stamps. These dishes are perfect for placing on your nightstand or bathroom counter.

17 - Handmade clay pendants

Create custom pendants for necklaces or bracelets. Shape the clay into small designs, such as leaves or hearts, and pierce a hole for the string. Paint the pendants and use them to create personalized jewelry.

18 - Custom bookmarks

Craft unique bookmarks with air-dry clay. Shape the clay into thin rectangles and add decorative elements, such as flowers or leaves. These bookmarks are a fun project and make great gifts for book lovers.

19 - Custom door signs

Create personalized door signs with air-dry clay. Shape the clay into rectangles or other shapes, and add names or messages with stamps. These signs are perfect for kids' rooms or home offices.

20 - Custom plant markers

Make plant markers with air-dry clay. Shape the clay into small stakes and add names or messages with stamps. These markers are perfect for your garden or indoor plants.

21 - Handmade napkin rings

Create custom napkin rings for your dining table. Shape the clay into rings and add decorative elements. These napkin rings are perfect for special occasions or everyday use. 

22 - Desk organizers

Create custom desk organizers with air-dry clay. Shape the clay into holders for pens, paper clips, or other office supplies. These organizers keep your desk tidy and add a personal touch.

23 - Personalized clay key holders

Make unique key holders with air-dry clay. Shape the clay into small designs and attach hooks for keys. These holders are a fun project and make great gifts.

Create your own fall decor this season

This fall, embrace your creativity and transform your home with these air-dry clay projects. From pumpkins and candle holders to planters and ornaments, there are endless possibilities to explore. Gather your craft supplies and get started on these fun and easy ideas today. We hope you love air-dry clay as much as we do and find inspiration in these projects to create your own beautiful fall decor.

Happy crafting!

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